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Many of our devoted customers drive from Georgia, Kentucky, North & South Carolina,Virginia, West Virginia, and sometimes much further to get our
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What to Expect from your New Puppy -The First Few days !

Every Puppy has a Unique Personality

What ?   When ?   How Long will it take ?

What should we expect from our new Dachshund puppy-

The First Few Days!

OK, We did all of our homework and we found a good reputable Dachshund puppy breeder.  We took our time and we have chose a wonderful puppy that matches our family, and what we wanted in our new puppy.

Now we are ready to take our new Dachshund puppy home for the first few days.

So What should we expect from our new Doxie pup ????

And also what should we do to help our new puppy to adjust to their new family and home with us ?

This is a very exciting and happy time for your family. And we are very excited for you,   Congratulations ! !

But Please try to remember that yes, Everyone in your family is very excited and happy to have your new puppy home finally.  Everyone wants to hold and play with the new puppy !  This is all very exciting and fun for us.  


PLEASE TRY TO REMEMBER, your new puppy is probably still only 7 weeks old, this is still very young, your puppy is still a tiny baby.  And babies need many things provided especially for them. They are not able to talk to us and tell us what they need from us as their new family. We need to be prepared to do a good job of helping our new puppy to adjust !  (Imagine how you would feel if your removed from everything and everyone you knew at this young age  ! ! Pretty scared and nervous - - Probably ! ! )

There are many things that we can do to help our new puppy to blend in, and adjust to their new family, quickly and easily, if we think of things from the puppies point of view. There are probably many new family members that all want to love and hold the new puppy, Right ?  But only one small puppy! So be careful not to over do it, with too much excitement all at once. Your new puppy will react to your excitement with excitement also, and after a while too much excitement can be very tiring.  Your new puppy will need plenty of rest and calm time to rebuild their energy. This is very important, if your new puppy gets too tired and exhausted, this can make your puppy stress out and get sick very quickly ! !  Some tips - Watch a good movie on the couch with your puppy, and let the puppy rest in your lap.  OR  Take a nice quiet nap (that appeals to us older folks, more than the kids).  

I Know, that we would love to show all of our friends and extended family the new puppy.  Be careful, there are many silent and dangerous viruses and diseases out there ! Yes- your new puppy has had their puppy vaccines.  This does not guarantee protection from everything out there. There are many things that are still risky and not healthy for your puppy to be exposed to yet ! ! Remember they are still tiny babies, and tiny babies do not have a full strong immune system yet, and they can become sick very easily. Many times these things are hidden and we are not even aware of the risk, till it is too late. Many puppy viruses and diseases have an incubation cycle of 7 to 14 days before our puppy would become sick after being exposed, and by then, it is too late and our puppy is already very sick before we realize what happened many days ago.  SO my suggestion (and most veterinarians also) would be to ask only a few close friends over to your home, to see the new puppy right at first.  Do not take them with you to public areas like parks, playgrounds, or shopping (ESPECIALLY TO AREAS WHERE MANY OTHER DOGS HAVE BEEN, Like PETSMART) this is very dangerous !  You can not be sure that the dogs that were in these areas before you -were not sick.  They may have left many germs and diseases behind them on the floor and in the air ! !  IF you take your new puppy there soon after they leave, you may expose your puppy to dangerous and even fatal diseases without ever knowing it, (till it is too late).  SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND PROTECT YOUR NEW PUPPY, BY KEEPING THEM HOME AND SAFE WITH YOU ! !  (You will have plenty of time to take your puppy with you -after they have finished all their puppy vaccines around 12 to 15 weeks old!  SAFELY ! :)

Try to plan ahead and have your home ready for your new puppy before you actually bring your puppy home.  You can go shopping and get the supplies and things needed before you bring home your puppy !  This way you can take your time to shop and get all the things you want and need for your puppy early ! Then once you get your new puppy, you can both go home and enjoy each other quickly, and calmly. You are prepared, and you have the things you need for your puppy ready at home waiting for the arrival of your special new family member.

****If you do not get a chance to get your supplies ready before your new puppy comes home, Please take your puppy home first, put them in a safe area, then you can go shopping and bring back the supplies to your puppy.****

Here at Busy B Doxies, we have prepared a printable Shopping  List for you to use, as an example of the things that we think are a good idea to purchase.  (And a few no, no’s also.)  We hope this helps - especially the first time new puppy owners. There are tons of things out there to choose from, some good and some not so good ideas, so shop wisely, and do not get to carried away right at first.  There is plenty of time to shop after you get your puppy also. (We all love to buy new gifts for our new puppy, later too!)
SAFETY FIRST -Puppies love to chew, and can choke on small parts of toys.








What to expect from your puppy ??  Puppies are much like young children in many ways, they love to run, play and have fun.  They need rest and to be protected by us as their parents.  Each puppy has a unique and special personality also, so watch them play and have fun with them safely !  Enjoy their happy carefree way of enjoying life to the fullest!  It is sooo much fun for us all.  

The only main things we need to watch for in the first few days are -
to make sure the puppy is eating well (sometimes they may not want to eat if they get to tired or nervous)  it is considered normal for a new puppy not to want to eat the first night at their new home (if you get them in the afternoon ) .  But if your puppy still does not want to eat the following morning PLEASE ALWAYS CALL YOUR BREEDER ! And let them advise you !  This is very important, and needs to be handled on a one to one basis, by your breeder and you together !
Also Keep a watch on your puppies poop (Yes -I know Nasty! but needed just for the first few days!) it is completely normal for your puppy to have a loose, soft, pudding type stool for the first couple of days during the transition to their new home.  But watery diarrhea is a serious concern, and if it continues for more than just a day or two, please Call your breeder also!  And ask for advise !   Healthy puppies should have a soft but formed stool, after the first few days during their transition.

Give your puppy a few days to get used to their new home and new family, and the way your family does things, these are all new things to your puppy and they need a few days to adjust !   

DO NOT EXPECT TOO MUCH TOO QUICKLY ! remember they are still babies !  


You will need to start house breaking your puppy pretty quickly  so that they do not start forming bad habits in your home.This is the first step in training !

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Love generously,
Care deeply,
Speak kindly,
Leave the rest
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Every Puppy has a Unique Personality !

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Every Puppy has a Unique Personality !

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