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Busy B Doxie Pups in their New Forever Loving Homes.

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Busy B Doxies Pups~

in their New Forever Loving Homes

Customer Stories M~P

Tracy Needham  and Family ~   Larry

Larry “Franky” Needham

“The Dapple of My Eye!!!”

Hello Tammy  Faircloth,  

How can I begin to tell you just how wonderful our Blue and Tan Dapple, Larry, AKA – Franky is.  It’s hard to believe he’s already 11 months old.  Feels just like yesterday we were driving out to your lovely cottage log cabin home.  I knew right when we pulled up your driveway that we had made the right decision and picked the “perfect” breeder!”  Your home is rustic, charming, neat, and full of dachshund love!  Larry is our 3rd dachshund in the Needham family and has some of the best dachshund characteristics I’ve seen!  Larry is loving, loyal, adorable, loves to cuddle, smart, brave, healthy and extremely social with our other 2 dachshunds and is always willing to go on a walk.  I am extremely proud of him and love to hear all the compliments he receives on our walks.  Larry is truly ,  “The Dapple of My Eye!!!”  

Thanks again Tammy for doing what you do best and providing us with a super healthy blue and tan gorgeous dapple dachshund.  Hope you enjoy some of Larry’s photos!!!!


Sincerely, Tracy, Kenny, McKenzie and Stokes Needham

We purchased Larry (Franky) from you in September, 2011.  His birthday is on June 19, 2011

Shasta Pearce ~    Pixel
ust to let you know he is doing very well. Zoey loves him and takes care of him. We renamed him to Pixel for the marks on his face.    Thanks so much for letting me have him    (picture of Zoey and Pixel)    Shasta

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Busy B Doxies - Customer Stories

BBDOX Customer Stories


Cinnamon made it down here safely on Monday and is getting adjusted to her new home. She is such a wonderful girl! Thank you again for helping us make this birthday gift possible. We all really appreciate it. Mom loves her new baby! She took two days off work to stay home with

Cinnamon and Erika :)

I will probably have a better picture soon these were just after we walked in the door with her.

That's my mom and my grampa.














Emily Maeda     March 2012

Brianna Moore    Age 10    Phoenix
The way I picked my puppy, Phoenix, is the way my mom picked our oldest dog Emma.  Some people choose their puppy just because it is so cute or small, but that isn’t why I picked Phoenix.  I chose her because she was funny & loved to be around me.   We weren’t even there to look at the older puppies.  We were there for a younger puppy that would be ready in January because we were moving in a few weeks.
     We brought Phoenix to our Knoxville home, and played with her in the play pen.  The next day my friends across the street came over to see her.  Sara loved the puppy like it was hers.  The puppy was always happy to see them.  I would get up at five in the morning to take her out to use the bathroom.  We put her crate in my bedroom so she wouldn’t whine so much when we go to sleep.  That was Tammy’s idea.
     We already had a plan for when we moved.  We decided to bring the puppy back to Tammy’s house for moving week.  It was really hard to leave her even though I only knew her for a week.  The day we got her back was the same day we went to the airport to pick up my dad.  She was very excited to see us, but we could tell that she had a lot of fun while at Tammy’s.  My dad loved her very much and loved that I named her Phoenix because he had a dog that passed away that he loved a lot with the same name.
     Phoenix loves the new house.  She always follows me everywhere I go.  She also loves to chase us all over the house and when we chase her.  She loves to sleep in our laps.  I wanted a puppy who would sleep in my lap when she was tired and be playful when she was awake.  That is just what I got.  Just like when I was writing this story, she was laying in my lap.  I have a feeling that Phoenix is going to be a great dog.

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