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Cream Puppies
Cream Dachsund Puppies For Sale
Cream Dachshund Puppies For Sale

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Wire Hair Dachshund Puppies For Sale
Wire Hair Dachshund Puppies For Sale

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Long Hair Dachshund Puppies For Sale
Long Hair Dachshund Puppies For Sale

Long Hair Dachshund

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Short Hair Dachshund Puppies For Sale
Short Hair Dachshund Puppies For Sale

Short Hair Dachshund

Miniature Dachshund Puppies for Sale

Directions from Knoxville Tennessee

How to purchase our Miniature Dachshund Puppies

Directions from Chattanooga Tennessee


Busy B Doxies Site Map

Busy B Doxies Site Map

Would You like to visit our Doxie puppies?  Help us keep them protected and  healthy!
Click Here !  Please Read our puppy visitation policy first.  Click Here !

Busy B Doxies Short on Legs Long on Love banner

Short on Legs .........Looooong on LOVE !

Busy B Doxies

Directions & Maps  

Come on in, take a look at our Mini Dachshunds.

To Busy B Doxies  

Many of our devoted customers drive from Georgia, Kentucky, North & South Carolina,Virginia, West Virginia, and sometimes much further to get our
Quality Healthy Mini Doxie Puppies

Live simply
Love generously,
Care deeply,
Speak kindly,
Leave the rest
 to God

     __   __________/)   (\' '/)( Busy B Doxies)
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First of all let us Invite Everyone who is interested in

one of our Miniature Dachshund Puppies to

Please Come and Visit Us ! Here at our home !

You are Welcome to come and visit our Doxie puppies. We will be glad to show you our babies ! Our Mini Dachshunds are the love of our lives, and we are very proud of them ! They are our favorite subject to talk about and we love sharing them with others who also love Dachshunds !

We must have some rules to help us Keep our Doxies SAFE and PROTECTED

As Responsible Mini Dachshund Breeders we must put the health and safety of our delicate newborn puppies first before anything else ! They depend on us to keep them healthy and safe, also comfortable, happy, and clean.

Our devotion is always to OUR DOXIES FIRST !

then second to YOU, AS OUR CUSTOMERS !

Would You like to visit our Doxie puppies?  Help us keep them protected and  healthy!
Click Here !  Please Read our puppy visitation policy first.  Click Here !

If you would like to visit us and look at our Doxie Puppies Available to Loving Homes or are planning on coming here to pick up one of our doxie puppies we have designed several direction pages for you to use to help you find your way to us safely and easily.

These directions are set up to print easily with no background and are  simple to follow, they will get you very close to our home .

For our families personal privacy we have not put our exact address on line
  To make sure we are home and to let us know that you would like to visit us,
THEN WE WILL GIVE YOU THE LAST FEW TURNS TO GET YOU HERE EASILY. (sorry there are some real nuts out there)

If you have a GPS System we will gladly give you our address , and it will bring you here quite easily too.
 These directions are set up to print easily with no background and are  simple to follow, they will get you very close to our home .

Directions to BUSY Doxies  

Dir- Maryville TN, Hwy-411 South

My goal in life

is to be

the kind of person that

my dog

thinks that

I am !

Busy B Doxies is Located in TENNESSEE Between Knoxville & Chattanooga About 9 miles South of Maryville TN, Just off of Highway 411.
We raise our Dachshund puppies  from our home.


Note: This location map, is very close to our Home ! Please call us personally to get our exact address and the last few directions to our home.

 Tammy (865) 856-6281

View Busy B Doxies in a larger map

General Driving Directions- if you are familiar with the area s of Knoxville and Maryville

Take Hwy 129 -Alcoa Highway (toward Knoxville's McGee Tyson Airport & Maryville),

till you pass the airport, and go under the overpass.

Then stay in right lane at fork, (sign says- 129 South to Hwy 411 Fontana, Atlanta)

Go till 129 Merges into Hwy 411 South by Foothills Mall,

(road makes a right turn, like an exit ramp, puts you on Hwy 411 South)

Go about 10 miles South on Highway 411, to the Greenback Area

(We only live a few miles off of Hwy 411 South.) Please call us for the final few directions !

Here are some states & big city locations with the mileage and time estimates listed for you.

This information is a good estimate of time and distance from these locations to us.

These are Map Quest Quotes from the Listed cities to Maryville TN ~Click on your state name for our printable directions

GEORGIA                                              ALABAMA                                                 KENTUCKY

Atlanta-200 mi- 3 & 1/2 hrs                        Huntsville-200 mi -3 & 1/2 hrs                          Lexington-180 mil-3 hrs

Augusta-300 mi-5 & 1/2 hrs                        Birmingham-250 mi-4 hrs                                   Louisville-260 mi-4 hrs

Columbus-300 mi-5 hrs                                Montgomery -320 mi- 5 hrs                                  Bowling Green-230 mi-3 ½  hrs

Savannah-430 mi-7 hrs


NORTH CAROLINA                          SOUTH CAROLINA                                 OHIO

Asheville-130 mi-2 & 1/2 hrs                      Greenville-185 mi-3 & 1/2 hrs                           Cincinnati- 270 mi-4 & 1/2 hrs

Charlotte-230 mi-4 & 1/2 hrs                      Columbia-280 mi-4 & 1/2 hrs                            Dayton-320 mi-5 hrs

Winston-Salem-260 mi-4& 1/2 hrs           Charleston-380 mi-6 & 1/2 hrs                         Columbus-370 mi-6 hrs

Raleigh-Durham-350 mi-6 hrs                    Florence-350 mi-6 hrs

Greensboro-300 mi-5 hrs                               Myrtle Beach-430 mi-7 & 1/2 hrs

Fayetteville-390 mi-7 hrs


VIRGINIA                                            WEST VIRGINIA                      WASHINGTON DC-500 mi-8  hrs

Roanoke-275 mi-4 & 1/2 hrs                       Huntington-280 mi-4 & 1/2 hrs

Lynchburg-330 mi-5 & 1/2 hrs                   Charleston-330 mi-5 & ½ hrs

Richmond-450 mi-7 & 1/2 hrs                    Clarksburg-410 mi-6 & 1/2 hrs          BALTIMORE MD-540 mi-8 ½ hrs

Winchester 440 mi-7 & 1/2 hrs                   Morgantown-440 mi-7 hrs

Hampton-Norfolk 540 mi-9 hrs                  Wheeling-500 mi-8 hrs


If you are planning on making an overnight trip here to pick up

one of our doxie puppies !

Click here for some helpful travel information about our accommodations

in this area. (Pet friendly of coarse)
Knoxville overnight trip Information

Sometimes the drive can be pretty long depending on where you are coming from, and we can try to help by meeting you at the McDonalds parking lot, across the street from the Knoxville Airport, off of Highway 129 South,
Or in another convenient location, We can travel up to about 20 miles to meet you, if possible, for free.

Please make sure that you will be there to meet us if we schedule a time and location to meet, (it is not fair to the young puppies to expect them to travel, if it is not necessary ) Please call us if you change your mind or can not make the appointment.   (865)856-6281

Thanks  Tammy


Busy B Doxies Dachshund Puppy Personal Delivery Service

We can sometimes travel up to 300 miles for a reasonable price of $1.00 per mile (one way) to deliver your puppy to you, if you are within this range please talk to us personally if you are intersected in this service, for pricing and available dates and times. We must have payment for the puppy and the delivery fee before we can leave on a trip.

If you would like us to try to meet you, please call us to schedule a meeting location and time.

 OR  If you would like us to deliver your puppy to you at your location, please call us with your request

Thanks,  Tammy  (865) 856-6281

Click here for more Information about Busy B Doxies Personal Delivery Service

From Maryville - on Hwy 411 South

Dir- Knoxville, I-40 West

From Knoxville -on Interstate 40 West

Dir- Knoxville & Oakridge TN, Pelli-140 East

From Knoxville & Oak Ridge -Pellissippi 140 E

Dir- LenoirCity TN, Hwy-321 to 95

From Lenoir City -on Hwy 321 to 95

Dir- Chattanooga TN, I-75 North

From Chattanooga -on Interstate 75 North

Dir- Towns Southern TN, Hwy-411 North

From all towns South -on Hwy 411 North

Dir- Gatlinburg & Sevierville TN, Hwy-411 South

From Gatlinburg  -on Hwy 411 South

Dir- Nashville & Crossville TN, I-40 East

From Nashville & Crossville-on 40 East

Dir- Knoxville & North TN, I-75 South

N. Knoxville & North to Kentucky - on 75 South

Dir- Georgia

From Georgia -on Interstate 75 North

Dir- Alabama

From Alabama -on Interstate 75 North

Dir-  Kentucky

From Kentucky -on Interstate 75 South

Dir- North Carolina

From North Carolina - Interstate 40 West

Dir- South Carolina

From South Carolina -Interstate 26W to 40W

Dir-Virginia & West Virginia

From Virginia & West Virginia -on 81S to 40 W

Dir-  Ohio

From Ohio -Interstate 75 South

Dir- Washington DC &  Baltimore MD

From Washington DC & Baltimore-on 81S to 40 W

Dachshund Breeders in Tennessee. We have Mini Dachshund Puppies For Sale, also Know as Weiner Dogs
Busy B Doxies is located  near Knoxville & Chattanooga Tennessee (865)  856-6281