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Would You like to visit our Doxie puppies?  Help us keep them protected and  healthy!
Click Here !  Please Read our puppy visitation policy first.  Click Here !

It is not rocket science or even scientific at all

It is because they warm my heart, and make me smile every day !  

Why I think Dachshunds are the best pets !!

That's simple,  Beacuse THEY ARE !

I know that may sound silly to some people who have never had a Dachshund before,  But ask anyone you know that has ever had a Doxie and they will say the same thing ! Once you get a Dachshund you will never want any other breed !  (not that I don't love all pets I do, but a Dachshund is SOO Special !)

Dachshunds are very unique, they each one have their very own personality and character, just like a person, but not just any person, like a really good person, a freind for life kind of person.

Dachshunds are the most loyal and devoted pet you can ever imagine !  All they want in life is to be with you, to follow you, to do what ever it is that you are doing, and to be a part of your life.   If you like to fish ~they like to fish too. If you want to go far a walk~ so do they. If you are ready to go on Vacation ~let's go now they say !  Oh yea and let's don't forget when you are ready for a  nap on the couch ~  OH yes!  It is snuggle time! ~ Move over here they come !  This is living - dachshund style! !

They some how wiggle their way into your heart before you know it and then you are hooked before you even notice it.  You start really looking forward to going home and seeing them, you can't wait to talk to them and tell them about your day with out them, and how much you missed them. Then it dawns on you,  you really did miss them while you were apart from them, even more than you expected.  And before you know it you are saying thinks to people like "Well if my Dachshund is not Welcome- Neither am I".  Or " No Thanks- Maybe not tonight, I think I am  going to stay home and play with my doxie.  

You catch yourself buying them a new toy, not because you think they need one more, but they are so special to you, You want to show them with a Gift! And you know how much they love toys !  

Seriously they are are pretty amazing,  They are small enough to go with you just about anywhere, They really do love to go places with you, they are social, friendly, and love to meet friends and family (especially if well socialized from a young puppy).  

They have a way of talking to you without ever saying a word. They listen to you, and some how you feal the connection. They say things with their eyes and their expressions. They always seem to know if you have had a bad day or are feeling sick. They are right there by your side trying everything they can do to help you and make it better, with a kiss, a snuggle, a shoulder to cry on, or begging you to please let's go play ball for a while and forget about the bad day.

They are easy to take care of, not much shedding (at all). You can give them a bath in 5 minutes and they will run through the house and rub and roll for 15 minutes, then they are dry ! Piece of cake- it is that easy.

They will eat any thing. They are easy to keep healthy with a good quality dry crucky dog food.  They are not prone to be allergic to much, or have many serious health issues (especially if we keep them healthy as parents, and do not allow them to become overweight). Very low maintainence.

They love indoors & outdoors too They can live in a small apartment and be happy as ever, or run and play on the farm all day long till way after dark, if that is your lifestyle.  We know doxies that live on houseboats, inside semi-trucks, in huge fancy mansions, and many in simple student size apartments with very minimal space, and they are ALL happy as they can be.

They keep you smiling with their silly ways of doing eveything. They  act like clowns quite often, and then look at you as if to say "Who? not me? I did not do it!     Even when you just watch them do it.  But all you can do is laugh and say you silly dog, What were you thinking?  They can be running across the room, all of a sudden they start rolling around in the floor and act like they have lost their minds, then get right back up and continue running like nothing ever happened. You set there looking at them wandering "What was that all about?" and then they look at you as  if to say "What ?" is something wrong?"   

Who can resist their goofy, always smiling, Charm?   Their- Never -take NO for an answer, way of handling everything.    Then when they are so tired, they can not go on any longer, they simply roll over and beg you PLEASE- RUB MY BELLY ! PLEASE ! PLEASE! PLEASE !   

They are the best therapy in the world.  We should all take life, one day at a time, LIKE A DACHSHUND !

I could give you tons of practical, realistic, well know facts, about them that make them what they are.  But that is not why I love them, I love them because they are happy, loving, unique, little characters, with dynamite personalities and a very special way of looking at life, they make me smile every day, they keep my intrest 24/7- you never know what to expect from a doxie- one minute to the next.   They are loyal, devoted, the best friend you will ever have, they know you in ways that even you do not understand how they do it, but they do !  It is their unconditional love and their desire to always be by your side, no matter what, that makes them EACH -ONE OF A KIND ! and my choice as the best pets ever.

Tammy Faircloth
Busy B Doxies

Live simply
Love generously,
Care deeply,
Speak kindly,
Leave the rest
 to God

     __   __________/)   (\' '/)( Busy B Doxies)
     *      () ()           () ()

My goal in life

is to be

the kind of person that

my dog

thinks that

I am !

Why I like

Why I think Dachshunds make the BEST PETS

Busy B Doxies Bee says Welcome to our website
Busy B Doxies Bee says Welcome Come on in


Well Folks,  I  want to share a little story with you about me !   And  my life !

I was born in Florida, raised on a farm with well over 1000  acres to roam and play on.  With creeks, woods, pastures and ponds.

I have one bother who is about 1 ½ years younger than I am. I can not say that he and I have always seen eye to eye, so we sort of went our own way even as children.  

The driveway to our home was about a mile and a half long, we did not have any close neighbors to speak of unless you count the horses, cows, chickens  and our family pets (dogs, cats, and even a raccoon).  


My father is a true cowboy, hat, blue jeans, boots, and of coarse his best friend ~his horse.


It was a very special and blessed childhood, I was surrounded by nature, loving parents, and had plenty of room and time to learn about life early while I was still very young myself.  


I was raised in church to believe in God, and to be a good person.  


I had a very big extended family of Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and my Grandmothers.  We all shared more laughter and tears than I can possibly put in writing.  


I was taught that happiness comes from within your heart,  you can’t buy it,  it is not for sale.  It comes from believing in yourself and learning to listen to, and follow your heart.  Only you know your heart, so only you can make you happy inside.


If you will listen to your heart and follow it, even if you are not sure where it might lead you, one thing is for sure you will know that you did your best to be the best that you could be.  


I have always tried to follow my heart and do what I thought was right (oh yes I have made a few mistakes along the way) but as long as we are breathing it is never to late to back up and try again,  if you think you need to, but this time learn from your mistakes and do a little bit better next time.


I have always been very strong willed and independent.


Many years ago my previous husband got me a little Doxie pup and I named her Sissy. He got her for me because he thought that I really needed a reason to smile, I was going through some pretty rough times and was very depressed.


Folks, that little dog turned my life around in may ways , she made me smile again and warmed my heart more than I can put in words.  She touched me in ways that I do not quite understand.  I still miss her today, many many years after she left this world.  


She is the reason why I decided to raise Doxie puppies and to share them with others. The rest is history!   Now I raise my doxie babies full time from our home.  Yes it is a lot of work, and we do get tired. But we smile every day and are very happy to be doing something from our hearts, that helps to bring happiness to others.

We love to share our dachshund babies  with  others.  We know that they will touch heart and make people smile.  There is nothing like watching the faces on the people when they see the puppies for the first time.  To watch the puppies kiss them and wiggle with excitement too.  


That is why we raise Dachshund Puppies  for sale to Loving Homes  !


Tammy Faircloth
Busy B Doxies

Dachshund Breeders in Tennessee. We have Mini Dachshund Puppies For Sale, also Know as Weiner Dogs
Busy B Doxies is located  near Knoxville & Chattanooga Tennessee (865)  856-6281