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Busy B Doxies Site Map

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Busy B Doxies

Many of our devoted customers drive from Georgia, Kentucky, North & South Carolina,Virginia, West Virginia, and sometimes much further to get our
Quality Healthy Mini Dachshund Puppies

About Us !

Life on the Farm !  With Mini Dachshunds !

Hi , Please let me introduce myself,  I am Tammy Faircloth.

We live about 15 miles South of Maryville Tennessee, or 30 miles

South East of Knoxville, and about 90 miles north of Chattanooga,

just off of Hwy 411. In a very small community called Greenback

Tennessee (usually not on any maps).


We purchased 7 acres of land and an old farm house that needed a lot of work, and the land had only a very small portion of it cleared, about 20 years ago, with a gorgeous view of the Great Smokey Mountains. (East Tennessee has wonderful weather year round for our Doxies.)


Well we loved the view, the house and the  property could be beautiful with some hard work, so we moved in, rolled up our sleeves and got busy working on repairing, remodeling, and working on the clearing of the land too. That was 20 years ago and we are almost done, Ha ! Ha! It will never probably be finished. There is always something else that needs to be done. Somewhere along the way we picked up the nickname of the "Busy B's", (we were always working on several projects at once) and we were always buzzing around here working like little bees.

                               I have a  great son ,  who lives next door. I have a wonderful                                 grandson Hunter who is 14 years old now.  He is a great  young man and                                 is a big help to me.  He loves our Doxies just as much as I do.                      

I have always enjoyed working with dogs and animals all of

my life, first at Veterinarian offices, and then I had a grooming

shop of my own, for many years after that.  Then my health started

giving me serious problems.


That was when I got me my first little black and tan short hair Miniature Dachshund puppy for my birthday, I really needed a friend.  It was love at first sight and her name was "Sissy".   Sissy and I became truly inseparable.  Sissy changed my life in such a good way, it was like a dream came true.   A short time later some new neighbors moved in across the road from us and they also had a Dachshund and loved wiener dogs. They had a Male, "King Louie", he and Sissy became great friends, and then they had a litter of dachshund puppies, everyone wanted one of their puppies and we gave them all to friends, family and neighbors too. Still more people wanted dachshund puppies, so we decided to let Sissy have another litter.



Oh Heaven Help us all!!! Tammy loved raising the puppies,

and she was hooked on miniature dachshunds even worse now.

So we got two more miniature dachshunds, from a Miniature Dachshund Breeder, and when Tammy got to their home, she found out that Weiner dogs come in all of these different colors and patterns and in long and short hairs too.


                                                     She just had to have one of each . OH! NO!

                                                      Beware, I am warning you it is very contagious, and it is                                                         called "Dachshund-itis"

                                                       ( We know because We have it really bad ! ! )


Well friends that was over 14 years ago now, and things just keep getting better. So you see, this was never really planned. We became Dachshund Breeders because of our love for the Weiner dog, and our love for taking care of them, and raising dachshund puppies. We share our home and our lives with our Doxie family. We are totally devoted to miniature dachshunds, each one of our Doxies are our loving family pets, and we truly love and treasure each one of them. Before we knew it they had taken over and thank Heavens above, they liked us too, and they allow us to stay! ! We are Responsible Miniature Dachshund Breeders and raise ONLY Dachshund puppies.

In our opinion the Weiner dog is the best little family pet ever.

They are such adorable sweet puppies, they are so lively and full

of spirit. They love to cuddle all of the time. They love children

and other pets too. As they mature they develop into such devoted,

loyal family members. Each one of them has their own distinct and

unique personality, with their own special characteristics.

They still amaze us every day.



                                We have been truly blessed with a wonderful life and lots of hard work to                                   keep us busy. But it is truly a labor of love, and we would not dream of changing it, for anything in this world. Every day we wake up excited and anxious (even if we are still tired from the very long day and night before, and believe me, there are quite a few of those around here) waiting to see, what today will bring our way. We enjoy being able to provide loving families with healthy quality Dachshund pups.

We Thank God for happy healthy lives, and peaceful, warm hearts, full of family, good

friends, and Doxies. We treasure them all. We strive very hard to provide our adult miniature dachshunds and our dachshund puppies with the same, happy, healthy lives, full of love, friends, and plenty of healthy, good food, and a large, safe, comfortable, and clean home and environment to grow and live in.

Our puppies are born in our home and given lots of special loving attention, every day. They are raised with plenty of room to run, jump, play and grow from day one. (Please read the wonderful Poem "What is a Breeder" with a capital " B"  (it is located on Our breeding program page .)

What a life for us, we usually have some puppies, of some age, somewhere. Always pulling at our shoe laces, tumbling and rolling around, playing at our feet. Again I repeat,

WHAT A LIFE ! ! ! !


Here are a few photos of our house & property, inside  our home, and outside in the yard

We hope this will help you see how things look around here,

and how we do things at Busy B Doxies.

Place your mouse near the photos to see the text description for each photo.

Here are a few photos of our Doxie nursery, our puppies & their moms inside our home in their custom built areas,

and a few photos of our adults playing outside too.

We hope  this will help you understand our breeding program

and view our facility.

Place your mouse near the photos to see the text description for each photo.

As you can tell, our lives and our home are completely built around Dachshunds.

We have carefully planned for and built a Doxie wonderland. We have spent endless time, and money, to make sure that we do a good job taking care of our Doxies. Providing a happy healthy environment for all of our Dachshunds is extremely important to us. We share our home, property and lives with them every day. Yes~ we do have quite a few Dachshunds, and yes~ it is a lot of work daily. But when you love them as much as we do it is a  true blessing to be able to spend our hours and days with them.  Sure it can get pretty loud around here, especially when a butterfly, squirrel, or fox decide to stop by for a visit.  Yes there is a lot of cleaning and chores to do daily.  But when you are doing what makes your heart happy it does not seem so difficult or so much like work.  We are blessed with good neighbors, a wonderful big family, and lots of Doxie loving friends too. We have been told countless times how lucky we are to have found our true passion in life, and we know how blessed we are to be able to do what we truly enjoy every day.


Again we say,  WHAT A LIFE  ! ! !

Dachshund Breeders in Tennessee. We have Mini Dachshund Puppies For Sale, also Know as Weiner Dogs
Busy B Doxies is located  near Knoxville & Chattanooga Tennessee (865)  856-6281