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Dachshund Breeders in Tennessee. We have Miniature Dachshund Puppies For Sale, also Known as Weiner Dogs ! !

Busy B Doxies is located near Knoxville & Chattanooga Tennessee


Wire Hair Puppies

 Monday thru Saturday From 9:00am-8:00pm Closed Sundays (865)856-6281

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WIRE HAIRED Mini Dachshund Puppies For Sale

These are our Current Busy B Doxies Wire Haired Dachshund Puppies For Sale to Loving Homes

Below you will see each one of our WIRE HAIRED Dachshund Puppies that we currently have For Sale. We have tried to answer as many questions as we could think of here on our web site for you. We have our Step~By~Step puppy purchase information on our Purchase Information Pages. (Click on the link in the Navigation Bar above) 
If you see a puppy here that you would like to purchase please call us and we will be glad to help you with the purchase steps.  Sorry ~
We do not ship our puppies.  You must be able to come here to pick them up. We are located on Lee Shirley Rd, Maryville Tennessee. (Close to Knoxville Tennessee).  Occasionally we can meet you part way or bring your puppy to your home. We charge $1 per mile one way from our home to your home for our delivery service. 
Please call us for more details.
Tammy (865)-856-6281

Rusty $900 SOLD
He is a Red Tuxedo Piebald
STIFF Wire Hair BOY.
Born ~ Dec 21
$900 SOLD
Roxy $ 900 SOLD
She is a Light Red
SOFT Wire Hair GIRL.
Born ~ Dec 21
$900 SOLD

If you are searching for a Dachshund puppy, that we do not have available and are willing to wait a short while.  

Please go to our home page and use the web form to sign up for our Busy B Doxies Puppy WISH LIST.  
Then we will notify you by Email each time we post our Mini Dachshund Puppies on line for sale.


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Would You like to visit our Doxie puppies?  Help us keep them protected and  healthy!
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dachshund puppies - wagging tails

These are samples of the many gorgeous colors and patterns that are available in our  WIRE HAIRED Dachshund puppies!!

 ***These are not current puppies for sale!!!! ****

These are some of our past Wire Haired Dachshund puppies for your viewing pleasure. 

These are samples of the many gorgeous colors and patterns that are available in our WIRE HAIRED  Dachshund puppies!!

 ***These are not current puppies for sale!!!! ****

These are some of our past Wire Haired Dachshund puppies for your viewing pleasure. 

We would like to offer you a little bit of information about our playful and bouncy wire haired mini dachshund puppies.

They come in many different colors, the most common colors are Red, Wheaten, and Black & Tan , but they also come in Chocolate & Tan, Blue & Tan, & Isabella & Tan. They also come in several different patterns as well like Dapple (spotted) , Piebald (white body with colored patches) & Brindle (striped).

Many people have asked us what we think about the wire haired mini dachshunds? and this is the way that we like to answer that question. 

Each dachshund has a very unique and different personality, just like humans do. But as a general rule we have noticed after spending years with many different Weiner dogs that quite a few of the wirehair dachshunds have a more happy and playful way of looking at life, they are bouncy and energetic in their actions, they like to play ball, chase frisbees, run and play with the children and just have fun most of the time. They love just spending time with the family doing what ever the family is doing at the time. So the wire hair dachshund makes a wonderful pet for older children, and active social families, who love to play with the dog. All dachshunds love to be involved with you and be with you as much as possible. The wire haired dachshund loves to be involved in sports and loves to go to the park for walks and things like that, they are very social most of the time and seem to love everyone, again they are very happy dogs. They love to travel and go with you on trips and just about any where you want to go, they are tenacious and independent much like the short hair dachshunds can be.

Wire haired Dachshunds are absolutely gorgeous dogs, they have a more stiff wiry hair (when compared to a short hair dachshund) but their hair is not usually near as thick as most people think of when they think of a long haired dog. Most Wire Hair Dachshunds never need to have their hair cut, like a poodle or a cocker spaniel would need, their coat grows to an bristly, scruffy looking coat then it stops growing when it reaches a certain length. They always seem to stay tidy and clean looking (most of the time a little scruffy) but not tangled or messy looking. 

There is also a much softer, fuller and longer wire hair coat- that is usually called a soft wire coat. Their coat is wavy and somewhat curly and fluffy, much softer and longer than the stiff, short, wire hair coat.

They are absolutely beautiful, they make happy, loving, loyal, family pets. They are very healthy and extremely clean dogs that require very little maintenance. They also love to share their lives with other pets, especially another dachshund.

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