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Dachshund Colors, Coats & Patterns

Dachshunds come in more colors, coats, and pattern combinations, than most all other breeds.

Special Characteristics of the Three Coat Varieties
The Dachshund is bred with three varieties of coat: (1) Smooth; (2) Wirehaired; (3) Longhaired and is shown in two sizes, standard and miniature. All three varieties and both sizes must conform to the characteristics specified

Smooth Dachshund
Coat — Short, smooth and shining. Should be neither too long nor too thick. Ears not leathery. Tail-Gradually tapered to a point, well but not too richly haired.

Longhaired Dachshund
Coat– The sleek, glistening, often slightly wavy hair is longer under the neck and on the fore chest, the underside of the body, the ears, and behind the legs. The coat gives the dog an elegant appearance. Tail–Carried gracefully in prolongation of the spine; the hair attains its greatest length here and forms a veritable flag. Color of Hair–Same as for the smooth Dachshund. Nose and nails–same as for the smooth.

Wirehaired Dachshund  
Coat– With the exception of jaw, eyebrows, and ears, the whole body is covered with a uniform tight, short, thick, rough, hard, outer coat but with finer, somewhat softer, shorter hairs (undercoat) everywhere distributed between the coarser hairs. The distinctive facial furnishings include a beard and eyebrows. On the ears the hair is shorter than on the body, almost smooth. Tail– Robust, thickly haired, gradually tapering to a point. Color of Hair-While the most common colors are wild boar, black and tan, and various shades of red, all colors are admissible. A small amount of white on the chest, is acceptable. Nose and nails–same as for the smooth variety.

Color of Hair
— Although base color is immaterial, certain patterns and basic colors predominate. One-colored Dachshunds include red (with or without a shading of interspersed dark hairs or sable) and cream. A small amount of white on the chest is acceptable. Nose and nails-black.

Two-colored Dachshunds include black, chocolate, wild boar, gray (blue) and fawn (Isabella), each with tan markings over the eyes, on the sides of the jaw and underlip, on the inner edge of the ear, front, breast, inside and behind the front legs, on the paws and around the anus, and from there to about one-third to one-half of the length of the tail on the underside. A small amount of white on the chest is acceptable. Nose and nails– in the case of black dogs, black; for chocolate and all other colors, dark brown, but self-colored is acceptable.

Dappled Dachshunds
— The “single” dapple pattern is expressed as lighter-colored areas contrasting with the darker base color, which may be any acceptable color. Partial or wholly blue (wall) eyes are as acceptable as dark eyes. A large area of white on the chest of a dapple is permissible.

A “double” dapple is one in which varying amounts of white coloring occur over the body in addition to the dapple pattern. Nose and nails: as for one and two-color Dachshunds; partial or wholly self-colored is permissible.  Double Dapple Dachshunds are most often born with serious health issues, so WE DO NOT BREED DOUBLE DAPPLES!  The very same look can be achieved by breeding DAPPLE PIEBALD DACHSHUNDS and they DO NOT HAVE HEALTH ISSUES.  We do occasionally have Dapple Piebalds.

Brindle- is a pattern (as opposed to a color) in which black or dark stripes occur over the entire body although in some specimens the pattern may be visible only in the tan points.

Piebald- is a pattern (as opposed to a color)with most of the coat  is white with large patches or areas of color  (newest of all the patterns), similar to a beagles markings, the patches can be any color , red black, chocolate, blue or Isabella.  The patches can also have patterns themselves like brindle or dapple.

Description                              AKC Type Code

Black & Cream                           S 010
Black & Tan                                S 018
Blue & Cream                             S 273
Blue & Tan                                  S 044
Chocolate & Cream                 S 526
Chocolate & Tan                      S 072
Cream                                          S 076
Fawn (Isabella) & Cream     S 524
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan           S 317
Red                                                S 140
Wheaten                                      S 224
Wild Boar                                    S 226
Black                                             A 007
Chocolate                                    A 071
Fawn                                             A 082 

Description             AKC Type Code
Brindle                       S 051
Dapple                        S 020
Double Dapple         S 050
Piebald                        S 025
Brindle Piebald       A 127
Sable                          A 026

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