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miniature dachshund puppies in Tennessee

Dachshund Breeders in Tennessee. We have Miniature Dachshund Puppies For Sale, also Known as Weiner Dogs ! !

Busy B Doxies is located near Knoxville & Chattanooga Tennessee


Doxie Photos & Info

 Monday thru Saturday From 9:00am-8:00pm Closed Sundays (865)856-6281

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Our Dachshund Dogs ~ Photos & Information

Dachshund Dogs, Doxies or Weiner Dogs !

( What ever you may call them ,   WE LOVE THEM ! ! ) 

We have been raising Quality Healthy Mini Dachshunds for over 15 years  now.
They are our life, our love, and our passion !

Busy B DoxiesOver 15 Years of Dachshund Photos

Our Dachshund Dogs

As You can tell, our lives and our home are completely built around Dachshund dogs. We have carefully planned for and built a Doxie wonderland. We have spent endless time, and money, to make sure that we do a good job taking care of our Doxies. Providing a happy healthy environment for all of our Dachshund dogs is extremely important to us. We share our home, property and lives with them every day. Yes~ we do have quite a few Dachshunds, and yes~ it is a lot of work daily. But when you love them as much as we do it is a  true blessing to be able to spend our hours and days with them.  Sure it can get pretty loud around here, especially when a butterfly, squirrel, or fox decide to stop by for a visit.  Yes there is a lot of cleaning and chores to do daily.  But when you are doing what makes your heart happy it does not seem so difficult or so much like work.  We are blessed with good neighbors, a wonderful big family, and lots of Doxie loving friends too. We have been told countless times how lucky we are to have found our true passion in life, and we know how blessed we are to be able to do what we truly enjoy every day.

Our Dachshund puppies

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Live simply
Love generously,
Care deeply, 
Speak kindly,
Leave the rest to God

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My goal in life
is to be
the kind of person that
my dog
thinks that
I am !

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Busy B Doxies

Short on Legs………….Loooooong on LOVE

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