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Dachshund Breeders in Tennessee. We have Miniature Dachshund Puppies For Sale, also Known as Weiner Dogs ! !

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Our Busy B Doxie Mini Dachshund ~ Customer Stories

Many of our devoted customers drive from Georgia, Kentucky, North & South Carolina,Virginia,West Virginia, and sometimes much further to get our Quality HealthyMini Dachshund Puppies

To everyone who is searching for a new Dachshund puppy, we know that it is difficult to believe everything you see on the Internet, and that purchasing a puppy is an important decision, so we have provided many personal references from our customers in their words. We have been raising Dachshunds for over 15 years now !  We have met many wonderful people and made some Amazing New Friends through our Dachshund Puppies !

We love our life as miniature dachshund Breeders!  We enjoy our lives that we share with our dachshunds, and raising our precious dachshund puppies.  We have been very blessed with wonderful customers, who have adopted our doxie puppies.  We truly enjoy being able to share our precious babies with others who also love the Dachshund Breed.  It is so nice to know that what we do brings love and laughter to others for years to come.

To all of our Customers, We want to Thank You for allowing us to be a part of your new family member’s adoption. Thank You for staying in touch with us and sharing your stories and experiences with us.  Nothing makes us happier than to get email updates and photos of our dachshund puppies in their forever loving homes. With your permission we can share some of these as testimonials here for others who are trying to find a new doxie puppy from a reputable dachshund breeder.  

Here is the Form (for our customers) to send us your story ~ So we can show everyone your special puppy.
Don’t forget to send us up to 3 photos in an email so we can display them here with your story. Send the photos to tammy@bbdox.com,(click on the link) with your name, and your puppies name.

Busy B Doxie Pups ~ in their Forever Loving Homes

Below are a few Collage Photos that we have compiled over the last 16 years.   These are photos that our customers have sent to us telling us on how their puppies are doing, now!   We want to thank everyone for keeping us updated.  The stories are amazing, they make me SMILE each time I read them, talk to someone on the phone or get more beautiful photos!  Keep them Coming Everyone!

Customers name~ Tracy ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Larry

Larry Needham from you!!!!Our Best Dachshund Ever!
Tammy, we are sooooo in love with our little Larry!!!! He still is very brave, sweet, and oh so charming!!!!! Best disposition ever!!!! Sincerely, the Needham family
Larry Needham “The Dapple of My Eye!!!”
Hello Tammy, How can I begin to tell you just how wonderful our Blue and Tan Dapple, Larry.  It’s hard to believe he’s already 11 months old.  Feels just like yesterday we were driving out to your lovely cottage log cabin home.
I knew right when we pulled up your driveway that we had made the right decision and picked the “perfect” breeder!”  Your home is rustic, charming, neat, and full of dachshund love!
Larry is our 3rd dachshund in the Needham family and has some of the best dachshund characteristics I’ve seen!  Larry is loving, loyal, adorable, loves to cuddle, smart, brave, healthy and extremely social with our other 2 dachshunds and is always willing to go.   I am extremely proud of him and love to hear all the compliments he receives on our walks.
Larry is truly ,“TheDapple of My Eye!!!”
Thanks again Tammy for doing what you do best and providing us with a super healthy blue and tan gorgeous dapple dachshund.
Hope you enjoy some of Larry’s photos!!!!
Sincerely, Tracy, Kenny, McKenzie and Stokes Needham
We purchased Larry from you in September, 2011. His birthday is on June 19, 2011  My kids think I’m totally obsessed with our new addition Larry, who we bought from you guys.  I hope to see his pics on your website!!!!  We just adore our new addition Larry, blue and tan dapple….. He is the best dachshund we’ve ever had and we will always purchase from you!!! Tracy
Hey Tammy,  I just wanted to send you some pics of our little sweet and loving and adorable little Larry.   We love him so much and he’s been a wonderful addition to our dachshund family of 3!!!!  I will definitely pass your name on to anyone who is interested in beautiful and healthy dachshunds.  We are truly so happy with Larry and all his love that he has brought to our family.  I have attached some pictures for you and your family!!!!  Thanks again, Tracy and Kenny Needham, Stokes and McKenzie  from Knoxville , TN
Hey Tammy,  Just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying little “Larry!”   He fit right in!  Welcome to Dachshund Daycare at the Needham’s House!!!  We are working so hard on potty training too….  We love him soooooooo much….  Thanks for everything Tammy!  I have attached some pictures of Larry and his new family members….Sincerely, Tracy Needham

mini dachshund customer story 1

Customers name~ Molly ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Otto & Buck

My sweet little boys, born July 24 of last year in your home, had their very first birthday today!  Otto & Buck are a pair of perfect little chocolate & tan mini dachshunds. I’ve attached some pictures of them from their first year. They are quite the little adventurers! They love meeting other dogs, Otto is quite fond of cats (Buck is more cautious — smart boy!), and they both adore children (especially my 11 month old nephew!). We’ve met quite a few vets, trainers, and other dog professionals who express astonishment that dachshunds could be so outgoing and friendly! I may be biased, but they really are the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. They are the most perfect, precious dogs I could have asked for. Thank you so much for bringing them into the world! Wulfe, the dapple in this picture, is also one of your! My friend Ellie  brought him home 3 years or so ago. It was on her recommendation that we found you. Wulfe & Otto attend a day camp together once a week and are the best of friends. 
mini dachshund customer story 2

Customers name~ Adam & Nicole ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Benson

Benson couldn’t have been a better fit for Adam and I! He loves the outdoors just as much as we do and he picks up on everything so quick. Especially, tracking. He is a natural when it comes to using his nose. We definitely will not be losing any deer this season, thanks to Benson. I will have to get Adam to send you video of Benson on a practice trail. Benson also, travels really well and adjusts to his environment quickly, which is great since we are constantly moving for Adam’s job. He loves venison treats and has a stuffed deer that he carries to bed and cuddles every night. Benson has such a big personality for a little guy and everyone who meets him can’t get enough of him. We just love him to pieces! 

Adam and I were talking and we would like to purchase another mini dachshund from you for my father as a gift. He fell in love with Benson right away. My father is also one of Benson’s most favorite people.

mini dachshund customer story 3

Customers name~ Tiffany & Frank ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Olive

My husband Frank and I came to Tennessee over a year ago to get Olive, our Isabella & tan dapple wire haired dachshund. We made the drive all the way from High Ridge Missouri. We made the drive in April 2016.  Olive has been such a great kid, (my dogs are my children). She makes us smile every single day. She is so fun, so full of life and can make you smile if you are having the worst day ever. I would not know what I would do if we ever lost her. Olive is our 3rd dachshund. Her sisters are Coco and Molly. They all get along so well it’s crazy. Olive turned a year this past February. You gave us some toys to take home with us and to this day her favorite is one that you gave us. It’s a pink pig. The stuffing and squeaker are gone but she still loves it.  I check your web site at least once a week to see your other puppies and I hope that one day we can make the trip again to get another dachshund kid.  Thanks for bringing this joy to our family!  Attached are pictures of Olive on her 1st Birthday and a picture of her on her first boogie board ride which was last month.

mini dachshund customer story 5

Customers name~ Gail ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Paqo

Paqo is now six years old! A friend just fell in love with Paqo and is considering a puppy so I’ve sent her your website!  Fun to visit your website and see you are still raising these beautiful puppies.  We’re still in Santa Fe and Paqo travels with me to Mexico by air for vacations.  He’s such a love.  Too noisy but otherwise wonderful.

mini dachshund customer story 6

Customers name~ Hansel ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Belle

It’s been three years since Belle came into our lives. We saw her as Cinnamon on your web page and fell in love. She is the best part of the day. Belle is our first dachshund and we will never be without one. On her first visit the vet was very complimentary stating she had never seen a puppy so well cared for from a breeder. Many thanks and kudos to you!  She makes folks fall in love with her immediately. I am addicted to doxie love!!

mini dachshund customer story 6

Customers name~ John & Janna ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Sophie

Today is Sophie’s four-month birthday. As you can see from the attached photo she is doing very well. Our vet is well pleased with her progress, and when she visited them last week she weighed in at 5.9 lbs. So, yes, she is growing. She eats well, she plays enthusiastically, and she has become well socialized. She still has a bit of a problem with other dogs that are much larger than she is, but “she never met a stranger” when it comes to people. We have had her in the puppy classes at Pets Mart, and she graduates this Thursday. She is doing well with the basic things like sitting, coming when called, fetching a ball, “drop it”, etc. House training has gone reasonably well. She still has an occasional accident, but we understand that is usually our fault. Once she gets a little better about letting us know when she needs to go out any problems will be solved. Crate training has also gone well. She sleeps overnight in her crate, and we crate her when we go out and leave her alone at home. As expected, she doesn’t mind being in her crate. She is quite comfortable doing that when appropriate. She is sleeping well. She does need to go out during the early morning hours some times, but basically she is sleeping through the night and has been for some time. All in all we are very pleased with her. She has become a regular part of our family, and she is something of a sensation in the retirement community where we live. There are lots of little dogs here, but Sophie is unique as to size and breed. Everyone seems to be interested in her and how she is progressing. We have even had people stop in the street in front of our house when we have her outside because they want to see her up close and they frequently have questions. When we’re out and about, and she isn’t with us, it’s not uncommon for people to ask about her and how she is doing. So, it’s all good. Thanks….

Customers name~ Amy & Ted ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Leo

We bought Leo from you last year in June I believe. He is the cutest most awesome little dog I could possibly ask for. He has a little crook in his tail that makes him totally unique. We have two 9 year old Mini Dachshunds as well.  They are kind of lazy , so Leo is really good for them!
We just love him to death. He brings so much joy and laughter into our lives. I highly recommend you to friends that are looking for a doxie puppy.

Customers name~ Stephanie ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Rebel

It’s been almost a year since I adopted Rebel back in July. I wanted to send you some photo updates so you can see how absolutely adorable he is. Getting Rebel was the best decision I’ve made and I’m so thankful he is a part of our family. I will never get another Dachshund from any other breeder. You exceeded our expectations and Rebel is the perfect Dachshund for us. Thank you for giving us the perfect companion, we could not be happier and more in love with Rebel!

Customers name~ Lori ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Winnie

Just wanted to tell you Merry Christmas and give you an update one Winnie. She is doing very well. She is taking a puppy class and is a fast learner. Everyone that sees her comments how pretty she is. We are really enjoying her.

Customers name~ Alaina ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Nessie

My dad took me to get a doxie puppy from you in 2007 for my college graduation gift. Her name is Nessie and she’s the most perfect dog in the entire world, hehe! I just wanted to drop a line and say hello! I hope to get another puppy from you someday but I hope it’s a long time from now (for obvious reasons!) Attaching a photo of her.

Customers name~ Katie ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Olive

Olive is doing great and goes with us everywhere. We are currently in Florida for the holidays. 
She has stayed really tiny. She’s 5 months and 6 lbs.
My 22 year old daughter is looking for a doxie after falling in love with Olive.
Olive going bye bye in the car to my parents

Customers name~ Lisa ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Lucy & Dixie

We have previously purchased 2 doxies from you.  We got our Lucy in August 2010 and Dixie in December 2013.  “The Girls” are doing great!  We love them dearly and they add lots of enjoyment to our family.

Customers name~ Amy ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Lucy

I got my Lucy from you in the fall of 2013. We just celebrated her 4th birthday August 9th. She has blessed our family with so much love and we adore here–she runs our world! Thank you for giving us such a gift!  
Madison Mississippi

Customers name~ Clifford & Martha ~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Chevy

Chevy Pita Monday ~Pita stands for pain in the ***…..LOL
Chevy will be 6 in October 2018, He is healthy and very much Loved (Spoiled).
Chevy lives to play, be petted, and eat treats. 
He looks forward to going to the rest home to visit with the residents there.  When they see him, they say “There’s Chevy” and they just Light Up ! !  Chevy runs room to room giving his love and making their lives a little better.
We love sharing Chevy with others because he makes US SO HAPPY.
Thank You Tammy, for our ONE OF KIND PUPPY ! ! !

Customers name~ Artie~ Mini Dachshund Puppies Name ~ Lexus

Tammy, Thank You for raising such a wonderful creature.  Kept her name because it fits her personality ! ! !
She has adapted to her new life very well with us.
We are very blessed to have found such a wonderful little puppy.
People comment on how cute she is all of the time, she has such a sweet personality.
Lexus loves to travel and do Flea Markets with us. We have people stop by to see her.
Can not tell you how much she has changed our lives ! ! ! She has brought SO MUCH LOVE INTO OUR LIVES.
She is a very special little puppy, Amazing personality, SO TOTALLY SPOILED !
Thanks Again, Artie

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